About the book

 The Mathematics for Sustainability book is published by Springer in the Mathematics of Planet Earth series.  It is also the first book in the new series, Texts for Quantitative Critical Thinking.

You can purchase the book directly from Springer by following this link.  There are several ways to obtain the book.

  • A full-color printed textbook, hardcover, costs $69.99
  • An electronic version of the book will also be available.  The full purchase price of the eBook will be approximately $54.99.  However…
  • Many academic institutions have obtained package deals with Springer for their libraries, called SpringerLink.  If you are a student or faculty member at one of these institutions, the electronic version of the book should be available to you for free.  Talk to your librarian to learn if you have free or low-cost access available at your institution.
  • If you have access to SpringerLink, you can also obtain a “print on demand” version of the eBook called MyCopy.  This is a a bound, black and white print-out of the eBook for $24.99 (free shipping).

You can also find the book at online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble  and you may also order it through your local independent bookstore.

You can see the table of contents and the introduction here.

We will maintain a list of typos and corrections.  Please go here to access that list.